The Life of Jesus Series

The Life of Jesus - Easy Reading Series

‘The Life of Jesus’ series explores the people, places and events involved in the earthly ministry of our Lord and Saviour. We recall the words of the angel to the shepherds in the field, ‘Today in the city of David there has been born for you a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord’. Luke 2:11. In this series, we follow the life of Jesus from His birth all the way to His offering on the cross and His resurrection by which salvation comes to every believer. View the Life of Jesus Series



The Last Days Series

The last days - Easy Reading Series

‘Behold, He is coming with clouds.’ Rev 1:7. The second coming of Christ and understanding the conditions and events on the earth that precede it are of momentous importance for every believer. The many portions of prophetic Scripture attest to this truth. What does the Bible say about the times in which we live and how can we be prepared for what is to come? ‘The Last Days’ series will introduce and develop key elements of biblical prophecy most relevant to Christians today.
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For Teens Series

For Teens - Easy Reading Series

The apostle Paul encouraged the Corinthians to look at the stories of the Scriptures for they were written as an example and instruction to us. 1 Cor 10:11. ‘For Teens’ is a series using these scriptural stories to bring every-day application to our lives. Whilst it has been written specifically to capture the attention of teenagers and deal with the issues that they face, these lessons will be a help to all age groups. This can also be a useful tool for parents and those working with teenagers.
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What Does This Mean? Series

What does this mean? - Easy Reading Series

The Bible is written with a very unique and particular set of terms and concepts. Many of these terms are rarely used in our modern vernacular, or their meaning has been significantly altered or diminished. As we endeavour to accurately divide the word of truth, it is imperative that we fully appreciate the language of the Scriptures. That is the goal of the ‘What Does This Mean?’ series. In each booklet, we focus on a key term and begin to explore the depth and breadth of its meaning.
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Cornerstone Series

The Cornerstone Series - Easy Reading Series

The 'Cornerstone' Series addresses the foundational issues of the Christian faith. Our attention is drawn immediately to the writings of Luke the physician. Having travelled extensively with the great apostle Paul, he felt compelled to write to the good brother Theophilus to explain the ‘things most surely believed among us’. View the Cornerstone Series




Connect to Jesus Series

Connect to Jesus Series - Easy Reading Series

Connect to Jesus is a series of pocket-sized booklets that explains God's purpose for all people - to know His love and way of salvation through Jesus Christ. They are written in an easy-to-read manner that will make clear to the reader both the need to connect to Jesus and how to connect to Jesus. The series is presented in an attractive and easy-to-use pocket-size format. Each Connect To Jesus booklet is a wonderful tool for personal evangelism. They are great to have in your pocket, handbag, glove box, on your coffee table, or left in suitable places ready to connect people to Jesus. View the Connect to Jesus Series



Take 10 Minutes Series

The last days - Easy Reading Series

Life can be busy, but these little booklets encourage us to ‘take 10mins’ to consider the important issues of life. Don’t be fooled, ‘Take 10 Mins’ is small in size, yet deep in thought. I’m sure you’ll find them helpful and thought-provoking as you read them in those brief and precious interludes. Written in a unique style, they are easy to read in about 10mins!
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Life and Living Series

The Life and Living Series - Easy Reading Series

Life is full of extremes and contradictions. Every person will experience the elation of success and happiness. Nevertheless, we also feel the pain of loss and disappointment. We hope that this ‘life and living’ series will help as you experience the joys and sorrows of your sojourn in this world. View the Life and Living Series