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Welcome to Sonseekers

Sunday School resources and curriculum

Sonseekers is an exciting children's ministry series that will help you teach your children with confidence. This great curriculum is widely used around the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sonseekers is an easy to use, sustainable teaching package, that is scripture-based and has over 120 Sunday School lessons for children aged from 4 – 12.

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Curriculum Overview

The Sonseekers programme has been designed to be taught over a four-year period. There are 128 lessons in total, which are broken up into eight different units of teaching. Each unit contains 16 lessons, which provides sufficient lessons for one school semester (at one lesson per week). The lessons are presented at four different age levels, to cater for children aged from 4 - 12+.

There is a Teacher Resource book, which contains the lesson outline and suggested teaching approach, as well as material for games and activities relating to the lessons. Each book contains one unit of study (6 months), for one particular age level.

The Sonseekers curriculum offers children material that gives them a sound background in biblical events, people and places and helps them to understand that God is able to help them and change their lives.

This table outlines the suitable age group for each Sonseekers level

Sonseekers Level Student Age School Level
Level 1
4 - 5
Pre-school | (early years)
Level 2
6 - 7
Lower Primary | (Key Stage 1)
Level 3
8 - 10
Middle Primary | (Key Stage 2)
Level 4
11 - 12+
Upper Primary | (Key Stage 3)

Our Faith

The Sonseekers Sunday School lessons have been written and developed by a number of churches throughout Australia, which have a common faith and hope. This common faith and hope provides the foundations on which Sonseekers has been built.


We believe that the whole Bible, Old and New Testaments, is divinely inspired and is the supreme authority for the revelation of God to man. It is this revelation that forms the basis of the whole of the Sonseekers material.


We believe that because of sin, every person needs to have their relationship with God restored - they need to be born again.


We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died on the cross so that we can be born again. Sharing this good news with others, especially children, is both a wonderful privilege and an awesome responsibility.


We believe that the Holy Spirit will help us to fulfill this responsibility, as we faithfully seek Him.

We have been greatly challenged and blessed through the process of writing and developing the Sonseekers material, and we trust that you will be blessed as you use it to teach others about Jesus.

Please contact us if you wish to ask further about our faith and hope.



I have been using the SonSeekers material for 18 months to prepare my sunday-school lessons and love the books as much as my kids do. The children love having their own workbook with activities and I've found it really useful for them to have the homework pages and memory verses to work on during the week.

It's amazing how much 3-7 year olds will remember about the stories and their meaning if they hear and work on them that bit extra.

I believe that this sort of knowledge, even at a young age, will help them in being able to hear and understand the Lord more clearly when they're older.

The Teacher Resource book is extremely valuable for preparing each lesson. I particularly find the story summary helpful. It sets out the general story line without going into heaps of detail, which is great for 3-7 year old kids, who don't have a huge attention span.

The Teacher Resource book also sets out a couple of different focuses from the story that are always suitable to their level.

The books come with an excellent variety of activity ideas for each lesson, including games, songs to sing and morning tea ideas. Thanks SonSeekers, from both myself and the kids!

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