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Lessons in First Love

Lessons in First Love

Name, Calling, Election & Firstfruits

Our sanctification is the will of God for our lives. In a spirit of adoption, we will be motivated, each day, to give ourselves to fellowship so that we can know and be known of God and our brethren. In this fellowship, our sanctification is made clear to us. We are able to hear the word which gives us an understanding of who we are and the works of sonship that we need to do. How do we diligently seek after sanctification? We eagerly receive the word of God which defines our predestination. And then, with the measure of faith that we have received from God, we simply present ourselves in the context in which our sanctification will be proven. As we present ourselves to do the works which God has given for us to do, our sanctification is progressively obtained. This means that we grow in the knowledge and expression of our sonship, as we continually prove the will of God through offering. The will of God is our sanctification.

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