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The Steps of Salvation - Part 2

The Steps of Salvation - Part 2

Victor Hall with Peter Hay & David Baker

The gospel of sonship is the most amazing message! We, the sons and daughters of men, were predestined by God to be born again as sons of God. The apostle Paul summarised this message as ‘the gospel of the glory of Christ’. 2Co 4:4. He explained that, through the preaching of this gospel, the light of God’s life is being shone upon a hearer from the face of Christ. If they receive this message, the light is shone into their heart by the Holy Spirit, birthing them again with God’s own life. As a person continues to turn their face to Christ, they are able to receive the light of His word that is spoken by the faithful messengers who are in His hand. By this means, the glory of their sonship will be progressively obtained.

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