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Curriculum Outline

Unit One

1. Creation 1 9. Abram called, Abram and Lot
2. Creation 2 10. The covenant with Abraham
3. Adam and Eve 11. Ishmael and Isaac
4. The fall 12. Sodom and Gomorrah
5. Cain and Abel 13. The sacrifice of Isaac
6. Noah builds an ark 14. Rebekah, Isaac's bride
7. The flood, Noah and his sons 15. Jacob and Esau
8. The tower of Babel 16. Jacob's ladder, Leah and Rachel


Unit Two

17. Jacob becomes Israel 25. 'Let My people go'
18. Joseph, the favourite son 26. The first Passover, Israel delivered
19. Joseph goes to Egypt 27. Crossing the Red Sea
20. Joseph interprets the dreams 28. Manna, water from the rock
21. Joseph's brothers 29. Sinai and the ten commandments
22. Israel in Egypt 30. Moses and the tabernacle
23. Israellite slaves, Moses born 31. The golden calf
24. Moses flees and returns to Egypt 32. Twelve spies, 40 years of wandering


Unit Three

33. Aaron's rod 41. Gideon's fleece
34. Moses hits the rock 42. Gideon and his army
35. The bronze serpent 43. Samson
36. Balaam and his ass 44. Samson and Delilah
37. Joshua and Rahab 45. Ruth, Naomi and Boaz
38. Crossing the Jordan, Jericho 46. Hannah
39. The sin of Achan 47. Samuel hears God speak
40. The sun stands still 48. Eli, Hophni and Phinehas


Unit Four

49. Saul chosen 57. Absalom
50. Saul and the Amalekites 58. Solomon becomes king
51. David chosen 59. Solomon's temple
52. David and Goliath 60. Israel divided, Rehoboam & Jeroboam
53. David and Jonathan 61. Elijah and the widow
54. David and Saul 62. Elijah on Mount Carmel
55. David crowned 63. Good King Jehoshaphat
56. David and the ark 64. Elisha and the double portion


Unit Five

65. The widow's oil, a boy raised 73. Jeremiah
66. Naaman 74. The captivity of Judah (southern kingdom)
67. Famin in Samaria 75. Daniel interprets the king's dream
68. Jonah 76. The fiery furnace
69. The captivity of Israel (the northern kingdom) 77. The writing on the wall
70. Hezekiah and Sennacherib 78. Daniel in the lion's den
71. Isaiah 79. Esther
72. Josiah 80. Restoration


Unit Six

81. Zacharias, Elizabeth, Mary and John 89. The woman at the well
82. The birth of Jesus 90. Healing of the paralysed man
83. Jesus in the temple 91. The house built on the rock
84. John the Baptist 92. Jesus stills the storm
85. Jesus baptized and tempted 93. The feeding of the 5000
86. The call of disciples 94. The centurion's servant
87. Water turned to wine 95. Forgiveness in Simon's house
88. The temple cleansed, Nicodemus 96. The sower and the seed


Unit Seven

97. Jairus' daughter, a woman touches Jesus 105. Prayer
98. Jesus walks on the water 106. The raising of Lazarus
99. Miracles of healing 107. The lost sheep, coin and son
100. The transfiguration 108. Attitudes of a servant
101. A boy is healed 109. The marriage of the king's son
102. The unmerciful servant 110. The ten lepers
103. A man born blind 111. The ten virgins
104. The good Samaritan 112. The talents


Unit Eight

113. Palm Sunday 121. Peter and the Gentiles
114. The last supper and Gethsemane 122. Stephen
115. The crucifixion 123. Philip
116. The resurrection 124. Paul's conversion
117. Peter restored 125. Paul's first missionary journey
118. The risen Christ and His ascension 126. Paul's second & third missionary journeys
119. The day of Pentecost 127. Paul's capture and imprisonment
120. Peter and John 128. Paul's final journey